Fixed Star

Our Fixed Star assures you of fixed pre-agreed interest over a fixed period of time. With this product, you commit to invest a specified amount of money every month at an agreed interest rate. Interest on your investment can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually. You get a higher interest rate when you roll over your interest till the maturity of your investment.
This investment product is targeted towards salaried workers or individuals with regular income streams. It is also suitable for corporate organizations. It’s ideal for setting aside a sinking fund to replace an asset or undertake a project in the future.

Variable Star

Variable Star is designed for investors with irregular income flow. With this product, you commit to invest any amount of money, not less than 100 GH₵ on a monthly basis. The interest rate applied to your investment is varied, based on the amount you invest in any given month. Interest is paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.
This product is suitable for traders and self-employed people who don’t have a steady flow of income.

Lump Star

This product tailored to give you attractive interest rates on lump sum investments made for a fixed period of time. Investments attract an even higher interest rate when interest earned is rolled over. It requires a minimum investment of GH₵ 5,000 for a minimum of 6 months.
This product is suitable for both individuals and companies that want to put money away for a rainy day. By choosing to invest in Lump Star, you’re not only keeping your money safe, you’re also adding to its value.

Star Student

Star Alliance’s Star Student is designed exclusively for students. It has relatively higher interest rates as compared to Fixed Star and Variable Star. It is aimed at encouraging a savings culture among students. Students can begin with as low as 20 per month.